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“My style of art mainly consists of monochromatic realism, focusing on themes of absurdity, nostalgia, conversation, humour, and trepidation. My affection for sheet-ghosts, Payne’s Grey and raw negative space also strongly influences the nature of my practice.


Recently I've been experimenting with fabric pattern design and iridescent colour formations, while also exploring the subject of quiet existential dread, commonly brought on by the weight of working full-time whilst longing to put daylight hours into art making.”

Rebecca is an emerging artist from Melbourne, Australia. Predominantly an oil painter, her artwork often depicts images of drapery, animals, domestic objects, and the human form. After completing a Bachelor of Visual Art and a Bachelor of Communication, Rebecca went on to work in various professional fields. Some of which include fine art printing, art gallery administration, conservation framing & installation, and image digitisation. Rebecca recently moved to Canberra where she is currently living and working.

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